How James Achieved Professional 3D Jewelry Animation in 6 Weeks
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Jan. 7th 2021
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Meet James - he's a jewelry photographer.

Below is his work during week 1 of joining:
James joined our program wanting to learn how to create 3D animated commercials for jewelry clients so he could stay relevant, charge higher rates, get more clients and get projects done faster and easier.

Let's break it down:

Who? James Shannon

Problem: Inability to create professional 3D animated jewelry videos for clients

Solution: Join 3D Product Animation Accelerator (my 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D animated commercials).

Did it work? Yep. James sent me a personal message saying that he'd sent a big jewelry company his 3D work that he created in our program and just signed them as client!

James's personal message to me —
He's now booked till Xmas by a BIG jewelry client! For privacy reasons I had to hide their information —
So how did James get here?

Well he followed our program sequentially and after 1 week he'd learnt enough about modeling fundamentals to create great models for his clients.

The next step would be to learn animation and rendering and apply it to jewelry so he could create great videos for his clients.

Here's what he created in his 6th week of joining our program —
Here are some key things James did to reach his goals:

1. Structured/relevant content: He was consuming the information needed in order to achieve his goals of creating jewelry commercials.
2. Consistency: He followed our program as it was laid out and consistently put the work in.
3. Feedback: He had his blind spots pointed out so he could correct them and to his goals faster.

Now he's able to create dynamic jewelry animations and commercials for his clients.

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