Meet Christopher, $12,000 In 4 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Apr. 10th 2023
Just wanted to send some quick April motivation, Christopher invoiced over $12,000 USD in the past 4 weeks, best month of his whole career.

This year he's gone from a struggling artist with no work, to adding being booked 2 months in advance, adding 133 extra potential clients to his lead flow and having 1000 more connections to contact.

Clients are now coming to him and he has to decide which offers to accept.

You may have seen us sharing a lot of results recently from students like these, getting 3-10 new clients per month no matter their location and taking control over their businesses so client attraction is in their hands.

I even went out of my way to spend 3 weeks condensing a lot of it into a YouTube video just on the overall outreach process.

In 2021 - 2022 we had a lot of people saying these results are too good to be true, they decided to stay in that reality and that's their choice.

Christopher however, is another student that decided not to live in that reality.
Have a happy April!

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Christopher Zeischegg

3D Artist - LinkedIn Profile