How Cheryl Learnt Professional 3D Animation in 90 Days and Started Working for Razer
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 17th 2021
Meet Cheryl Tan — before joining us she was working in a studio in game development.

Cheryl is a great example of how massive action breeds success. When she joined our program she had basic 3D knowledge but was an amatuer in animation and video production.

Within 90 days she was creating professional commercials.. and now landing Razer as a client!

Let's break it down:

Who? Cheryl Tan

Problem: Inability to animate and produce professional commercials.

Solution: Join my 3D Product Animation Accelerator™ (a 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D animated commercials).

Did it work? Yes! Cheryl recently posted a big update of how she now works with Razer! That's no joke..

Let's go back a bit to when she first joined us and how this all happened.

Below is her work within the first month after joining with us:
When she joined us she took massive action and she progressed very quickly..

I was honestly impressed with how quickly she implemented our feedback and was starting to create impressive professional work.

Within 90 days she was creating professional fully animated commercials! She reminded me a bit about myself in this sense. I have an interview with her going through exactly how that happened..

She'd solved the first problem most struggle with for years in a matter of months.. So now she could create professional work which was great.. but she'd never had a freelance client before.

While my program isn't focused on this, I shared my approach to getting clients online and taught her one of the methods I know. It's a method that works well if you are already great at creating professional work.

It will not work if your services aren't at a high level, you need to fix that first if that's you..

After implementing my feedback with the speed she had with her 3D skills she had got her first ever freelance client!
It's amazing to see how intense action can breed results. But it doesn't stop there..

After landing her first freelance ever just a few months ago, now she's sharing about landing Razer as a client like It's just another day in her life!
This is no joke, and this is why I love what I do..

Congratulations to her for all the work she put in. Without this nothing would have happened. No amount of advice given that's not implemented will would change her situation.

One this she did really well is getting her skills to a high level really quickly where people want to reach out to her.

When she reached out to me she signed up quickly, she took action and is being rewarded for it.

So if you haven't gotten your skills to a high level yet, you need to fix that urgently, because that's a precursor to getting clients.

Too many people spend years not getting this handled and are getting left behind.

So Whitehead, are you ready to take action and start creating professional work for your clients at a high level?

So, do you want results like these for yourself?

If you would, check out our free training:

Cheryl Tan

3D Artist