How we helped Gideon get his first 3 international clients in 30 days.
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 6th 2023
Today we'll break down how we helped Gideon get his first 3 international clients in 30 days.

In January I sent out an email showing his 3D from his few years of experience and compared 3 weeks after joining us.

You can see this below:
Well since then we've helped him get 3 clients in February.

See Gideon is from Nigeria and has been doing 3D for a few years, he has always struggled to be able to create professional 3D work and get international clients.

He had a lot of limiting beliefs, he thought maybe it was because he was using Blender, or his hardware isn't good enough, or because he is from Nigeria and was limited to his environment.

Before joining us he also blamed a lot of things on the little money he had.

He was making a lot of excuses of why he couldn't get results, but I knew he could get results like everyone else.

If I could do it and get out of Africa he could too.

So I made him a deal..
Since he can produce good enough work now, I told him that all he has to is;

Follow our videos and add 20 people per day using our tracking sheets and our videos on how to reach out to clients, what to message them, and how to sell them.

I helped him setup a profile, show him where to reach out to clients and create a message for him send.

And started following it.
Here's our end of month sales results review.
As you can see he didn't even have to hit my 20 people per day minimum to get 3 clients, all in the USA.

And it didn't just magically work for him, it's been working for many students for a while.

Here you can see another student commenting a few days ago that he got used the same process.
Just like many other students, we broke his belief that he can't get international clients and other beliefs around needing specific hardware or money to start succeed.

I'm originally from Zambia, I didn't have more than a couple hundred dollars when I got my first client and I was working on a computer I had since 2013.

I think this proves yet again, software, hardware, location isn't a good enough excuse for what's stopping you from achieve your goals.

He simply needed coaching, to improve his 3D, his mindset, and process to getting clients.

Now he can work on increasing prices while getting more clients and expand his 3D business.

Clients → Upgrade Workstation → Clients → Upgrade Client Attraction Systems → Clients → International LLC → Get out of Africa.

So, would you like to level up your 3D and learn how to get clients for your 3D business?

If you would, check out our free training and schedule a call with us.

Gideon Okorie

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