Ollie's Rise To 3D Success And Transition Out Of 2D work
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Apr. 4th 2022
We helped Ollie level up his 3D, get flooded with client requests and transition his work from 2D into 3D..

His 3D business has really blown up in the UK..
Earlier this year I did an interview with him after we helped him get his 3D to a professional level.

The next step was to help him launch his business, build a network of over 1000 clients and get a tone of engagement and word of mouth.

People know I love LinkedIn, that's one of the platforms we've helped students a tone of work from using our strategies.

We've done the same with Ollie, he's become quite popular now and he gets tons of messages from clients..
You can see his LinkedIn profile here for proof.

So how did we get him to this point? Where he was a fulltime 2D artists earlier this year and was unfulfilled and now suddenly a popular as a 3D artist doing the work he really enjoys?

There's a few things we did:

1. First we got his 3D work to a high level, because if you lack confidence like he did It's hard to sell yourself without the skills to back yourself.

2. I taught him the step by step business strategies to build his network the right way and get clients excited about him. This way he can execute without uncertainty. Teaching everything from the networking and content strategy, all the way from how to reach out to clients effectively and turn those connections into projects.

3. Most people get the strategy and still procrastinate/get distracted, trying a strategy for 3 days and then falling off. They never reach their full potential and see the results. I helped keep him on the right track and guide him through the process until he saw the results he was looking for.

The funny part is if you watched the interview, he hated putting himself out there.

But with all the positive feedback he gets he now he loves it haha!
There's so much work out there right now as our students are seeing, you just have to be in the position to get it!
Ollie just another example of how much you can grow in a few months..

Just like Leonardo, Dean, Richard, James, Cheryl and all the rest. They're all normal people that decided to step up towards their goals.

If you'd like to level up your 3D and crush it with clients, check out our free training and schedule a call with us.

Ollie Hooper

3D Artist - LinkedIn Profile