How James transitioned from photography into 3D business and learnt professional work in 6 weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Jan. 7th 2021
James has been able to fully transition from photography into 3D, get big client that floods him with creative projects, comfortably support his wife and family, and work from home where he can spend more time with his family..

Today we'll be breaking down exactly how we helped him do that..

A year ago I did an interview with him on how he learned to create professional work in our 3D mastermind.
In this email we'll be expanding on his updated story after going through our program, the clients his gotten, and the goals he's achieved.
Before James joined us he had been part of many courses, but following a rigid curriculum of "click here" tutorials showing random features can be more entertainment than anything.

When he joined our 3D Mastermind he needed guided direction on how to reach his goals, so I sat down with him to look at his current situation and his goals and how to bridge that gap.

Since being in our Mastermind James has been able to bridge that gap..

His work is being featured in stores and on billboards, similar situation to another student in our 3D Mastermind; Cheryl Tan.. her work is also featured in offices and billboards now.

Below is his 3D work displayed in a store.
So how did we bridge that gap for James?

Step 1 was to get his work to a professional level really quickly, that was easy as we've had many success stories in our program and I could see exactly what he was missing and was able to guide him through the process efficiently. Within a few weeks his work was really good, unfortunately I couldn't share his best work but that's when we did the interview.

Step 2 was to reach out to clients and he soon landed one. All it took one of them to really love and value his work and he's kept working with him ever since.

That brings him stability as well as flexibility while doing high paying work that he enjoys.

He's a happy chappy now..

So, would you like to get great results for you too? Check out our free training and schedule a call with us.

James Shannon

3D Artist