About Arthur Whitehead
Arthur Whitehead is high school dropout from South Africa who started a successful 3D career by the age of 22.

He started by working independently for international companies, creating fully 3D animated product commercials and advertisements on his own, which lead to him starting his own 3D product animation studio.

With nearly a decade of experience he's taught thousands online over the years, amassing a following of over 40k+ through YouTube alone.

Eventually to take his experience build a full training program that teaches people to create professional 3D work and monetize it within weeks.

Arthur's students have shown the fastest 3D progress in the industry, going from amateur to professional in a extremely short amount of time and taking their skills forward to make money through freelancing, get a raise in their current company or do more fulfilling work in their current company.

You can follow Arthur on YouTube here

Arthur stopped doing project work for hire years ago, but if you have a sizable project ($$$$+) we can forward it to the best students in our program.