How Geet got 10 new clients in march 2023
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 28th 2023
Today we'll be sharing how we helped Geet from India, get 10 new international clients this month!

He's been getting 5-10 new client requests PER DAY!
You may have seen my recent YouTube video on how to reach out to clients.

Geet has been following our in-depth process that the YouTube video summarized and is another perfect example of following that process and getting hands on help from me to make tweaks and improvements to see results.

Similar to our previous testimonial, how we helped get Gideon get booked with clients too.

Now his new problem is how to manage it all haha.

Here is a short-clip of him talking a bit of his results with me last week before I reviewed his website update.
Since Geet joined our program a few months ago, his main goal was to get clients online and start his own 3D business.

His 3D work was good enough to do this, you can click here to see his LinkedIn profile.

The problem is he still wasn't getting clients and didn't know what else to do.

Even after he joined our program he continued to put a lot of work into improving his 3D.
This is good from a certain perspective, but the quality of his work wasn't the problem and eventually I told him he needs to just focus on his business.

It didn't take him long to see amazing results, after jumping on calls with me on a weekly basis and following a process, his work blew up and he's been flooded since!
So he reached his first goal! He has a tone of work and has been booked for March and April.

With all the client requests and having a process to get more, I don't think he'll have a "how to find clients" problem again for a while.

Now he has to think about how to structure things so he can manage less clients at a higher rate, which allows him to work less while earning more and get closer towards his goal of making $10k per month doing 3D.

Now that's a good problem to solve.

Would you like to take your 3D and business to the next level?

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Geet Sampat

3D Artist - LinkedIn Profile