How Pier Went From Amateur to Studio in 2 Weeks
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Sept. 12th 2021
Meet Pier Giacomo — he works in architecture and is looking to transition to do something different and get a better pay.

Pier joined our program interested in product rendering & motion graphics but he had no experience and is using completely different software to me (3DS max and vray).

Trying to figure it out on his own wasn't working for him and he didn't have the time to waste, he was looking for direction of what to do and a community where he should share his work for feedback.

Let's break it down:

Who? Pier Giacomo

Problem: Wants to get into product animation and rendering with no experience and different software.

Solution: Join 3D Product Animation Accelerator (my 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D animated renders & commercials).

Did it work? Yep. Pier just posted his most recent work and it's amazing to see how quickly he's progressed in just 2 weeks!

Below is his work during after his 1st week in our program —
Already a great start.. It took me a lot longer than a week in product rendering to create an image like that.

But he applied all the guiding principles I gave him which translated into his software and was able to create something decent in a short amount of time.

But it still looks like just an image of a bottle and we need to make some tweaks to really elevate it into advertising material.

So we spent some time on our next Q&A call going through what to change to elevate his work from amateur to studio professional —
The result of that Q&A are amazing —
It's crazy to see how someone can come in new to a space and within a couple of weeks create studio level work.

Having no experience and using different software, he just needed to learn the fundamentals which can be applied to his situation.

Once he really engrains these fundamentals he can have more creative freedom without worrying about it not turning out good.

We're still working on the bottle material and lighting to make it presentable for something like a billboard, but for social media it looks great.

So, would you like to transform your 3D and start producing professional work?