How to Organize and Manage Your 3D Projects
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Sept. 10th 2020
In this video I’ll be giving an overview of how I organize my work.

Below is an overview on how I organize my files on my workstation as a whole.

Files and organisation

This is probably one of the most overlooked but a vital part of your workflow. Having an unorganized PC will be like trying to live in a dirty house that’s full of misplaced objects getting in your way. Like keeping your house clean, It’s important that you manage your files well so that you don’t have unnecessary energy spent on trying to function and get around.

Drive Allocation

It’s important to organise your files when working on a project so you can easily access things and work more efficiently. I organise all the way down to allocating specific drives for certain types of projects or files. You’ll notice I actually have a lot of free space, this is a result of organisation and optimizing my storage space.

Below are my different drives and what they’re for.

Drive C (512GB SSD): This SSD holds my system files and all my programs to ensure that my system runs smoothly and quickly.
Drive D (1TB SSD): This holds all my client projects I’m currently working on, it reduces input lag by making files open, save and close quickly making my work smoother. Once a project is completed it gets moved to Drive E for safekeeping in case I need to access it in the future.
Drive E (8TB HDD 7200RPM): This large 8TB is my main storage that holds everything from recent client work, Documents, Downloads, Videos (Movies, Courses, Tutorials and Renders), Music, Client Photoshoot Files, Large project files like photogrammetry work etc.
Drive F (1 TB HDD): This drive is under the suspicion of hard drive failure so at the moment it’s being used as a second backup.
Drive G (250GB SSD): This SSD was given to me by someone who had so use for it anymore, it’s too small to use practically therefore it’s used for Caching things like Premiere and After Effects Previews, Mocha Tracking Data, Fluid Simulations, and anything that would benefit from fast temporary read and write speeds.
Drive H (1TB HDD): This drive is my backup drive of any important files incase I lose or change files I can’t get back.
Google Cloud Drive (2TB): I use this for syncing important client files between my render unit at home and my laptop that I carry with me while traveling and moving around. This keeps multiple copies of my files but also allows me to either:
A: Work off my PC at home (in real time) through my laptop while in another country or in a coffee shop for example lol
B: Use my PC at home for final rendering purposes. I can just open projects on my pc through my laptop and hit render while the files sync back to the laptop.
My PC at home scores 500 points on octane bench and my laptop scores 150 points, so this becomes a practical approach for animation.

I also use this to store files other people might want to access at any time like clients, students, patreon projects etc. This way I store the most important things knowing it’s safe and is not dependent on my availability or my computer’s health.

Hope this helps!

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