How Jon Achieved Photorealistic Product Visualization in 4 Weeks
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 22nd 2021
Meet Jon — he's a product designer and needs to be able to visualize his work in order to sell it to the clients where they can move forward with branding and manufacturing.

Jon joined our program four months ago, around the same time as our previous success story; Ian.

Jon needed help with making his designs look as real as possible so clients to could see what the final product would look like before taking it forward and paying him a lot of money.

But he had been struggling with 3D for 2 years and couldn't get a hang of it on his own.

Below is his scene after 2 years in 3D —

We had to change the bottle design client privacy. The rest stays the same.
Let's break it down:

Who? Jon

Problem: Inability to create photorealistic renders of his designs to help sell them to clients.

Solution: Join my 3D Product Animation Accelerator (1:1 personal coaching with me that fast tracks you to creating professional 3D work that you can monetize)

Did it work? Yep. Jon achieved massive results in 4 weeks and achieved the photorealistic renders that he needed to visualize his various designs to clients.

Below is his 3D scene 4 weeks after working together —
We had a lot of things to go through together, training him up with the skills for rendering glass, lighting, texturing, materials, modeling, scene optimization, camera setup and more in order to give him strong foundations for visualizing his work.

Jon now had the tools he needed in order to visualize his products in a photorealistic way.

Going forward we could work on elevating his lighting and scene setup to take his renders from looking like a product showcase to looking like a professional advertisement and blow his clients away.

The gin bottle scene below is the scene I live streamed recently was actually based on what we were working on helping him achieve after 12 weeks of joining our program.
So, would you like to learn how to transform your 3D and start producing high quality professional work for your clients?

Arthur Whitehead

Arthur is a 3D consultant who helps 3D artists create professionally 3D animated product commercials and master their skill set. He has personally created successful online programs that have continuously showed results within weeks.

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