Max Stuehlen's Transformation From Basic to Photorealistic Product Animation in 2 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 17th 2021
Meet Max Stuehlen — he was creating and selling digital artwork online.

What did your 3D look like 2 weeks ago?

2 weeks ago was the first time I met Max and below was his work...
Max joined our program while he was creating art online and had basic 3D knowledge. But the ratio of work and money wasn't working out for him, and with having to look after his family he wasn't getting enough money for the amount of time he spent working.

Let's break it down:

Who? Max Stuehlen

Problem: Not earning enough money creating art and needed to shift to creating professional commercialized 3D work so he could x4 his income and service clients online.

Solution: Join my 3D Product Animation Accelerator (my 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D work that you can monitize)

Did it work? Yep. Max achieved photorealistic work in just 2 weeks, that already separates him from the majority of the industry and is well on his way to creating highly professional work for clients online.

Below is his work just 2 weeks after joining us —
This is now our fastest turnaround we've seen so far, 2 weeks ahead of Jon who is a close second and a story I am yet to share with you.

Here's what I can tell you about Max —

He's hungry, driven, he listens and he consistently put in the work. Simply by following our program and doing as instructed, he achieved massive progress in a short amount of time.

Most people don't really want to put in the work and go through pain to get what they want, they say they do but they don't really, there's always an reason or rationality.

Max still has some work to do with adapting this level of quality to studio lit environments, but let's not put too much pressure on him, he's only been doing this for 2 weeks...

Who is to tell where he will be in 1 month, 2 months, 6 months from now as we continue to work with him on creating professional work and getting clients...

So, do you want results like these for yourself?