How Erich achieved photorealistic high-end 3D work in 6 weeks..

Published by Arthur Whitehead on May 1st 2024

Here’s how Erich achieved photorealistic 3D work in 6 weeks…

Before he joined our program his progress was very slow.

He was trying to learn for years, but 3D online learning can be:

👉 Frustrating wasting time searching down forums for solutions
👉 Confusing piecing together bits and pieces from different people
👉 With conflicting advice across the board
👉 And feeling lost with no specific help for your situation

Erich thought that the software was why his learning journey was so difficult. He believed that he simply couldn’t produce high end work with what he had.

It’s a typical beginner's thought to think that maybe it’s the software and assume the grass is greener on the other side if they changed it..

Today we’ll prove once again that’s not the case and what the real problem is.

Here’s what Erich’s 3D looked like before joining my program using 3Ds Max..

As you can see, after months of time invested in practicing Erich ended up with a few projects like the above that had little monetary value.

Nothing you can easily get paid $10k per month consistently to do.
The problem was that Erich was bouncing around from tutorial to tutorial with no real direction.

3D is highly technical and there’s 1000 directions to go in.

And unfortunately most tutorials out there are tailored to what’s popular and teaching you random features, not what’s the most efficient solutions for real client work.

Erich was learning online and producing random projects for a portfolio without having a strategy for using it to get high-paying clients.

And above were his results, but this is extremely common.

So I steered him in the right direction and gave him a streamlined process to learning 3D fast and producing projects that he can actually use to get real client work.

I helped him hands-on and helped solve every issue he was dealing with so that learning 3D became effortless and we were powering through his roadblocks.

Here’s what Erich work looked like just 6 weeks later:
Erich went from spending years learning 3D and only gaining the basic skills of modeling, to learning how to produce client-ready work within a few weeks.

People LOVE telling me that learning 3D in a few weeks is not possible, some people will still try to rationalize this case study and give a reason why someone else is progressing faster than them.

But don’t worry, this is our #44th case study and we have another one coming next week showing a student doing this in 4 weeks.

See Erich thought it was his software and we just proved once again that’s not the case.

If you think It’s the software then you just don’t understand 3D at a core level.

And that can happen if you’re learning 3D in a way that just teaches you where to click in a tool to get a specific result.

He was using 3Ds max yet I was still able to guide him step-by-step to producing client-ready work because we understand and teach the fundamentals of 3D and how to use that for clients.

Regardless of software, client or project, I want Erich to be able to walk on his own two feet.

And after I just shaved years off Erich's learning path he can start attracting high-paying clients and I’m going to walk him through how to do that over the next few weeks.

Our 3D product animation accelerator is built around the values of speed, efficiency and learning the right things to produce high-end work for clients and attracting more of them.

That’s the foundation our community, content and coaching is built around.

If you like to learn how to create client-ready level work and get high-paying clients over the next few weeks, check out our free training and schedule a call with us.