March Summary 2024
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Apr. 3rd 2024
You’ll never believe what our students achieved in March 2024! 🤯

We'll start off with the 3D results and then show how a student got a $6k client and another signed a $13,170 contract.
Illyana 🚀 - Her quality of work is near perfection, now she has the confidence in knowing that it won't be a deciding factor in how many clients she gets.

Here's a render she created this month:
Here's a commercial she created too.

Erich 🚀 - Only joined 6 weeks ago and his work has gone from this:
To this:
And he's using 3Ds Max.. We have students using whatever software their comfortable with, Blender, Cinema 4D, Maya with equal quality of work.

Josef 🚀 - Signed up wanting to make more from his work. After joining he managed to double his income and secure 3 months of work.
Kacper 🚀 - After he joined he got his first client for $1300, now he got a $6,000 project. His biggest one yet!
We have more but I'm trying to keep this email short haha!

If you’d like to be a part of our inner mastermind and get results like our students.