How Rob Achieve Photorealistic 3D Renders in 10 weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Sep. 11th 2023
Meet Rob - he’s been struggling to break through to creating photorealistic, professional work for a few years.

He’s learned the basics by taking many courses, but he was still spinning his wheels– struggling to create highly professional work on his own.

It got to a point where he was consuming course after course, tutorial after tutorial, but still not seeing the level of professional work he expected.

So he jumped on a call with us to see if we could help him.

Here's what Rob’s work looked like as a result from other courses before he joined our program:
Looks like what you can expect from a $300 course, but not the world class renders you’d want attached to your portfolio right?
Rob wanted better.

He wanted work that would have clients running to work with him.
Within just 10 weeks of joining our 3D Mastermind program, Rob was no longer the artist he used to be.

We gave him the missing pieces of the puzzle — The 7 Pillar Fundamentals of 3D — that transformed him from a beginner to pro grade renders.

Here's Rob's 10-week transformation:
That’s a massive difference from the plasticy renders he was producing before.

I’d say he’s 90% there and maybe 1 week from producing work that we know clients love.

We’re not done though. Rob would still like to create professional commercials for clients and have more clients than he know what to do with.

Now we're on stage 2 helping him achieve that.

Are you ready to level-up your 3D and produce world-class work?

If so, check out our free training and schedule a strategy session below.

Rob LaBosco

Senior Motion Designer - LinkedIn Profile