Steve's 12-week transformation to photorealistic 3D renders!
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Sep. 5th 2023
I've got an exciting 3D transformation story for you today from one of our students!

We're talking about Steve, a talented photographer, who took the leap into the 3D world to replace his photography..

He came out the other side, producing high quality, photorealistic work in just 12 weeks!

Before Steve joined our program, he had basic 3D skills as he’d taken other courses and been learning 3D for a while.

But he was caught in the perfectionism trap — trying to make each project flawless without having all the fundamentals skills for professional work yet.

He thought about everything too much and took too much advice from random people in free groups pulling him in different directions and stalling his progress.

The problem wasn't his work ethic; it was a lack of clear guidance.

This was Steve's work before he joined our program:
Now, it’s not exactly something that's going to let him replace his photography with 3D renders, is it?

He decided to join our coaching program to get hands-on coaching to turn his 3D around.

The first thing we tackled was his mindset — helping him overcome the barriers of procrastination and perfectionism that held him back.

Then, I laid out the step-by-step strategy he needed to produce professional work.

We helped him cut through all the online fluff, and week by week, I guided him through the 7 pillars of 3D mastery, covering all the stages to creating professional work.

Fast forward to just 12 weeks later, and this is what Steve managed to produce.

He used one of my projects as a reference and was able to build an even better version of it from scratch all on his own:
Amazing quality! Right?

Now he can produce photorealistic work from home, without needing tutorials and can replace his current photography work—exactly what he wanted!

Steve was able to shortcut years of guesswork and misdirection by receiving focused coaching and direct feedback from me in our program.

Are you ready to fast-track your journey to creating professional, photorealistic 3D work?

If you would, check out our free training and schedule a call with us.