how we helped Tom Redfern create photorealistic 3D renders
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Aug. 16th 2023
Today I’m going to share with you how we helped Tom achieve high-quality, professional, photorealistic 3D work!

Before joining our program, Tom was struggling to get to a professional level..

He had bought a couple courses before, and while they were exciting in the moment..

They just taught him how to put together random projects with a basic understanding of the tools.

The results that he got were not usable for getting clients and he had no idea what to do to start producing professional work..

This is the results he got from other courses before joining us:
It’s a cool start but still not world class high-paying work right?

He thought, "I’ve already bought some courses.. maybe It’s my software?"
"Maybe It’s my hardware?"

"Maybe when I can upgrade these things I’ll start producing professional work.."

That’s a common area to start looking at when you’re not taught the 3D fundamentals the right way and are just taught some of the tools..

This is him after joining us, going through the fundamentals and learning 3D the RIGHT way..
See I knew focusing that although his modeling could use improvement, in his case, focusing on it wasn’t the best use of his time.

Visualization is where he would see dramatic results and a spike in motivation, so I coached him through that..

And project by project we cleaned up his work and polished his skills..

After a few months of coaching and dedicated practice in our 3D 

Mastermind, he can now produce high-quality, professional 3D renders!

This is his work now:
It’s funny that after all the students' results I’ve gotten, I still get happily shocked at results like this.

This is the level of quality that many of our students that make $5k+ per month with 3D have.

Now he’s gained the confidence to produce professional work, he can focus on getting clients and the efficiency of producing them faster for clients.

But that’s an easy workflow fix, the heavy lifting of learning is over.

Would you like to learn to produce photorealistic, professional 3D renders like Tom?

If you would, check out our free training and schedule a call with us!

Tom Redfern

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