How Jason Achieved Photorealistic 3D Watch Renders
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Jun. 19th 2023
Meet Jason, he's a Watch and Jewelry photographer based in London.

He noticed that the industry is progressively transitioning to 3D rendering and using photography less and less.

If he could start to use 3D to compliment his photography, that would that open new creative possibilities for photography and video without physical constraints.

And he would also be able to do everything from home on his laptop and not be limited to local client work.

He also loves 3D, It's a new creative endeavor and allows him to play without the physical constraints of the real world.

This is what his work looked like after trying another course, while he learnt a few basic things he was still no where close to being able to use 3D for his professional work.
With Jason, time is money. And while he loves 3D, he didn't want to have a long journey joining different courses and spending years figuring things out on his own.

What he needed was a program that taught him the skills that he needed to create work for real clients.

It needed to be professional and photorealistic, anything less than that would be unusable for his work.

He wanted someone that could guide him towards his goals and not have to rely on his own beginner judgement as to what he should be learning and doing.

He struggled with modeling for a while, modeling watches and jewelery can be complex for a beginner, especially with each design being different.

But after we got him to a comfortable level with that the rest was easy and he blew through the rest of the training. Below is what his 3D renders look like now.
We're so happy that he can officially call himself a professional in 3D!

Now he can add a few camera movements and be producing high level videos for his clients too.

We're having more and more photographers joining us and I'm excited to see them use it for their work, be able to do it from home and expand their clientel internationally because of it.

Would you like to level up your 3D and produce photorealistic, professional 3D renders and animations?

If you would, check out our free training and schedule a call with us.

Jason Wilde