How Tj Leveled Up his 3D to a professional level in 3 months
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Feb. 27th 2023
Today we'll take a look at how I helped shift TJ's direction and transform his 3D to a high level.
I send out a mail a couple months ago showing how his work looked good at that stage, well now It's excellent.

Below is TJ's before joining our program:
This is after being in 3D for a few years and is a common quality of work for a lot of people.

To an inexperienced person this may look cool, but to a high level client it's still beginner stages.

What often happens when people get into 3D is they buy a couple starter courses and watch tutorials to learn the basics.

And while this is really exciting in the beginning they get stuck in the same mode of thinking and they struggle to move past the basics.

The progress in quality of 3D work starts to plateau and flatten out.

This is what TJ struggled with and he didn't know how to take his 3D to the next level.

Even if he created a lot of personal projects and watched tutorials for years, he still struggle to get a large visual difference in his work to where it feels "pro".

Well below is TJ's work now, just after a few months of my coaching:
That's a massive increase in quality and understanding in 3D to be able to create this project on his own and produce a render this indistinguishable from a photograph without any help from me.

He now has full control to produce projects at this level, whether he wants to do still images or animations for clients.

He I got him up to this level is take him through the 7 pillars of "3D mastery" so he had a solid understanding of the fundamentals, and how to take it to a high level.

If he struggled with a certain pillar like materials, we worked through it until he understood it really well.

And like bricks on a house, each layer of the 7 pillars added up to produce this quality of work.
So, would you like me to help you get your 3D work up to a high level like TJ?

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TJ Murrin

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