How Andres Transformed His 3D in 7 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Aug. 15th 2022
Today I thought I’d share a cute story of a student Andres and his journey in the past few weeks getting to a professional level in 3D..

I’ve shared sooo many student results over the years..

But we’re getting to a point where we don’t have much time to write about all the student results with all the students we are actively helping within our mastermind..

However I thought this one is cute one for people that are in the position he was in a few weeks ago..
Andres joined my program a few weeks ago with the desire to gain the skills and confidence to produce world class 3D work..

He’d been trying to learn on his own for a couple years and while he’s learnt some things, he’s still not where he wants to be and doesn’t have anything tangible to show that will actually get him clients..

His "go with his gut" strategy just wasn’t working..

So it made sense to join a program with people that are producing world class work and have a proven record of teaching people how to do the same..

Ultimately if he can finally learn to create professional work and create a great portfolio he can transition out of his UI designing work and do what he’s truly passionate about for work.. 3D..
His confidence and abilities in 3D really have come a long way in the past few weeks..

This was his work when he joined my program..
A basic standard of work that I see from a lot of people that sign up with us, very hard to be successful at that skill level..

Modelling and visualization have been his weakest points, especially struggling on the lighting aspects of things..

It took a few calls with consistent reminders of the right way to do things and to stop doing things the way he had always done them in the past..

His biggest mindset block I had to pull out of him was to stop trying to be creative and just learn the skills of producing professional work first..

A lot of his mindsets he’d learnt from his friends, but his friends aren't successful either..
But after a few weeks of practice, applying and improving his work has really come a long way..

His confidence has gone up and he’s really starting to come into his own space with producing high quality product rendering on his own..
Below is his most recent project as of writing this..
There’s still some improvement to do to get it to a world class portfolio level..

But he’s getting quite close to being able to start getting some high paying work from it..

One of the studio owners in our community mentioned he’s getting more and more interested in hiring him..

That could save many companies €10,000’s of euros using traditional photography with logistical nightmares..

I’m excited to see where he’ll be next month..

So , how would you like to get your work to a professional level within a few weeks too?

Everyone that signed up right away in July all paid 60% less than what our new prices are now starting 1st August..

We will continue to raise the bar to join and implement member caps to keep our mastermind of 40 high quality, small, and provide the best support and results you can find anywhere else in the 3D industry..

So if you’d like to still like to have a free call with me and see if this could be a good fit for you schedule your call and let's chat.

Andres Leon

3D Artist