How Chris Found The Missing 30% To Turn His Renders Pro
Published by Arthur Whitehead on May. 3rd 2022
Meet Chris — He joined our program this month.. He was struggling to find what was missing in his work to push it from amateur to studio level.

He’d been in 3D for a few years, self taught, figuring things out by himself. But if his work never looked great and it was affecting his confidence and ability to charge high prices.

Below is his work when joining our program —
After signing up I sat down with him on a coaching call and we looked at what was missing.

Once again it was just the fundamental understanding of 3D production, rendering and product visualization.

I don't blame him, he was doing his best piecing things together from random tutorials online.

Within an hour he understood the new process and right away things clicked for him..

He applied his new understanding to the same project and below is his work on the next call —
As you can see, there’s quite a big change in the quality in his work in just a few days.

He still has the same tools, same software, same hardware, same Chris who joined, but his work just looks drastically better.

Immediately he can begin focusing on what's important to him like building a solid portfolio, getting high quality clients that value his work, raising his prices, and focusing on being creatively free.

Not spending another year stuck searching the internet for solutions..

It's been a good week for Chris and everyone in our community is happy for him!

So, would you like to see the same fast transformation this week?

Chris Asquith

3D Artist