Meet Christopher - Professional Product Renders in 2 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Feb. 14th 2022
Meet Christopher - He joined our program with a branding background.

He had many creative concepts and ideas but he lacked the ability to visualize and convey them in a presentable professional way.

This is something he'd been struggling with for a while so our focus with him was visualization.

We started him off with an ambitious project, something he'd want in his portfolio for one of his own brands.

Below is that project in the first week of the program —
Doesn't look so presentable..

Let's break it down:

Who? Christopher Wise

Problem: Inability to visualize his ideas and concepts in presentable and professional way.

Solution: Join my 1 on 1 Coaching Program (12-week training program that fast tracks and walks you through creating professional 3D advertisements and animated commercials, step by step).

Did it work? Yep! Christopher crushed this project in his second wee of the program!

Below is his work after 2 weeks in the program —
Amazing transformation right!

We had to overall his understanding of visualization, from the level of modeling to lighting, materials, camera, composition and rendering.

Still needs a little cleanup on the reflections but that's simple fixes.

He had the same tools that he had before joining my, he just had a fundamentally different understanding towards visualization and how to use those tools correctly.

But once he got the right understanding his work quickly turned around to produce the work you see above.

So, would you like to transform your visualization in the next couple of weeks?

Christopher Wise

3D Artist