Meet Adam - Professional 3D Product Advertisements in 3 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Feb. 7th 2022
Meet Adam - When he joined our program he wanted the ability to create professional product advertisements for his clients.

Yet another example that you can transform your work and start charging high prices in weeks, it doesn't have to take you years spinning your wheels..

Below is his work in the first week of the program —
Looks like the typical type of work I see when people join the program.

Let's break it down:

Who? Adam Tracksler

Problem: Inability to create professional product advertisements for clients.

Solution: Join my 3D training program that fast tracks and walks you through creating professional 3D advertisements and animated commercials, step by step.

Did it work? Yes! Adam recently posted his work and after the first 3 weeks in January this year he can now create professional 3D product advertisements and start charging premium prices for his work!

Below is his work 3 weeks after joining —
Amazing transformation right!

That’s the quality your work needs to be at to command high prices.

In week 1 we ran him through modeling training using my product modeling formula so he has the skills to model anything.

Next we moved onto lighting & visualization.

Here’s a summary of a few of things we worked on together:

•  Modeling, not only did we teach him the modeling formula, but he was also setting up his geometry wrong which affected his glass and liquid in rendering. This took more time for him to understand but we patched that up quick.
• UV mapping formula, he used the traditional UV unwrap method which is a huge waste of time. There’s an alternative method to apply labels to products in seconds.
•  Materials, he was quite new to this so we had to teach him the fundamentals of materials work and how to do them in the correct order for professional efficient workflow.
•  Lighting, this was an easy fix but we gave him some fundamental lighting theory and once applied the advanced lighting theory his renders started to glow.
•  Rendering, his render settings were destroying his renders and time it takes to produce work, once corrected they looked so much better and realistic.

You might be thinking, how did you go through all that in such a short amount of time? Well if it takes you longer than a few weeks you’re wasting time lol.

Adam isn’t special, he wanted the ability to create professional product advertisements for his clients and a few weeks later, he now can..

He can now move onto other things and start monetizing his work instead of dealing with trivial things like render settings lol…

So, do you want to learn how to create professional 3D work in just a few weeks?

If so, watch our free training.

Adam Tracksler

3D Artist