How Adrian Went From 3D Newbie to Professional in 5 Weeks
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Dec. 12th 2021
Meet Adrian - Adrian joined our program wanting to master 3D so he could create highly professional product images for his clients.

He is another example that you can learn the fundamentals and apply the blueprint to creating professional photorealistic work in a few weeks, you don't need to waste years learning the wrong and unnecessary things..

Below is his work before joining the program —
Pretty basic right? This is what most peoples work currently looks like.

Let's break it down:

Who? Adrian

Problem: Inability to create high quality product advertisements for clients.

Solution: Join my 1:1 Coaching Program (12-week training program that fast tracks and walks you through creating professional 3D advertisements and animated commercials).

Did it work? Yes! Adrian shared his work after just 5 calls with me, he can now create professional product advertisements on his own!

Below is his work after 5 coaching calls with me —
Now that's on a studio level!

There were a lot of things that he was doing wrong that needed correction:
  • Correct modeling structure.
  • ​Teaching the material layering system that provides customizability, quality and detail.
  • ​Professional lighting theory and approach for 3D.
  • ​Plugin the correct scene settings and rendering blueprint for photoreal renders.
Yet we were able to do all of that in just 5 calls, how?

Because we taught him the essentials, the modeling formula is easy to learn and can be applied to any product, all the correct scene and render settings were plugged in for him at startup, the material layering system once understood is extremely easy to understand and flexible for a beginner which provides photorealism and detail with creative ease, the lighting theory saves time and is easy to apply to get great looking renders.

If he wants to dive deep and learn all the extra little bells and whistles over a long period of time he can absolutely do that and we teach that.

But for now he can just feel satisfied knowing he can create highly professional work on a light workflow and it only took him 1 month to learn vs 2 years.

We can provide these blueprints for you too, we just teach you the fundamentals and you plugin our presets to fix all the boring stuff.

So , do you want to learn how to create professional product advertisements in just a few weeks?

If you would, watch our free training.

Adrian Carrol

3D Artist