How Bellal Safi Sold His First 3D Freelance Clients All At Once Paying Over $3,000!!!
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Sept. 18th 2021
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Meet Bellal Safi — he's a 3D artist.

Bellal joined our program a year ago wanting to get out of stunt double work and do 3D for work.

Even though he was having medical issues that were making it difficult for him, he still took a leap and put in the effort.

Below is his work after joining our program while learning lighting and his work 10 months later —
Bellal had medical issues which limited him from progressing as fast as he'd liked. But still has seen a massive improvement in quality of work.

Let's break it down:

Who? Bellal Safi

Problem: Wants to create professional work and get freelance clients online.

Solution: Join 3D Product Animation Accelerator (my 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D animated renders & commercials).

Did it work? Yep. Andi changed everything around within a few weeks after joining our program.

Below is us celebrating his achievement in the community of 3 new clients online and one of them paying $3k USD —
So what did he do?

Well, after joining our program we worked on improving his 3D skills, we took him through the 7 pillars of 3D mastery.

But we also showed him methods of getting clients online once his work was good that he could implement.

Because of that, he got his first freelance clients (one of them $3k USD) on platforms that he and most of you are already on, Behance, Upwork and Instagram.

So, would you like to start producing professional work for clients?

Arthur Whitehead

Arthur is a 3D consultant who helps 3D artists create professionally 3D animated product commercials and master their skill set. He has personally created successful online programs that have continuously showed results within weeks.

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