How Mike Drastically Improved Renders In 5 Days
Written by Arthur Whitehead on Aug. 9th 2021
Meet Mike - He joined really wanting to improve his 3D and was willing to put the work in.

We're going to take a look at his progress working on lighting through our program over just 5 days..

Then I'm going to show you how he progressed so quickly, It's been crazy..

Below is day 1 —
Here's a look at day 3 —
Here's a look at day 5 —
Quite a big improvement I'd say.

Between day 1-3 we worked on white balance, light shapes, camera setup and composition.

Between day 3-5 we worked on product display, color, contrast, background lighting, materials and texturing. 

Give the last image a few tweaks and it will be at a studio level!

So how did he do it? How did he improve so fast in less than a week?

Is your 3D improving at that rate in a week?

Well there's 3 things to that.

1. Information: You need concise, relevant information on what you should (and shouldn't do) with your lighting and your renders in order to make them look professionally made.

2. Practice: After joining our program Mike took action, he watched our videos and put in the work. Tweaking and fixing issues as he went along.

3. Feedback: This is the most crucial step, with instant feedback on what to change, his progress was accelerated and he didn't make the same mistakes over and over again.

Now that his lighting is in a good enough place, he should move onto creation commercials and animating his scenes.

That's where the real progress starts to begin, given his current rate of progress he could be dominating very very soon.

So, do you want to make massive strides in your 3D and gain the motivation you need to stop moving along sluggishly?