How Ian Refern Went From Beginner to 3D Professional in 3 Months
Published by Arthur Whitehead on Mar. 10th 2021
Meet Ian Refern — he's a product designer and helps clients visualize and sell their products.

Below is his work when he started working with us —
Ian joined our program four months ago working in product design, with the event of covid his clients could see that the online world is where a lot of future sales lie.

Ian was very new to Cinema 4D and he didn't know how to animate and render out compelling product videos for his clients to use on their websites.

Let's break it down:

Who? Ian Redfern

Problem: Inability to animate and render compelling product videos for his clients

Solution: Join 3D Product Animation Accelerator (my 5-week training program that shows you how to create professional 3D animated commercials).

Did it work? Yep. Ian just posted his most recent work and it's hard to believe he created that on his own after a short time of training.

Ian recently shared his incredible progress with us —
One of the most important things we've worked on with Ian is creating a stable look development setup (lighting, texturing, materials, camera) so his work looks like a studio created it even though he had limited knowledge.

Ian joined our Accelerator with limited skills in 3D animation, and we were able to help him navigate through producing professional work on his own even though he was new to this space.

So, would you like to learn how to transform your 3D and start producing professional work for your clients?