Arthur Whitehead started his career having a passion for creative problem solving. After his tutorials gained traction helping tens of thousands of people online, he quickly rose to the top working on large productions for big brands and agencies that typically involve a heavy amount of CG elements. Since he has his studio in Cape Town, South Africa he can work on his projects there, or on location all over the world.

Besides his hands on work as a 3D specialist, he's involved in private company consultations, privately coaching rising prodigies, as well as teaches to masses of keen minds through online courses and tutorials.

If you're interested in working together, please feel free to visit the contact page.

Arthur Whitehead

15K Subscribers

"Working with Arthur was fantastic! He can do everything, from rendering to animation, post-production and more! Arthur is fast and reliable! If you are looking for a really good artist, he is the one!"
- Jano Gonzalez  

"Arthur is a very sophisticated and dedicated to his craft. He takes a lot of pride and joy into his work and truly makes his customers feel appreciated throughout your entire experience. We'll definitely be back for our future projects. His work speaks for itself and by not hiring Arthur you're doing yourself and your company a disservice. On behalf of our company we 100% RECOMMEND you choose this freelancer."
- Shaun Williams