Arthur Whitehead is a leading 3D Product Animation Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the past few years, his studio has worked on large 3D productions that push big brands' product launches ahead. Arthur has taught tens of thousands of students all over the world and has been featured by major computer-graphics websites including Realflow and CG Terminal. Going into 2020, his studio continues to grow as a dominant figure in the product animation space that provides high quality, cinematic product videos that elevate your company's product launch ahead of the competition.


"Arthur is a very sophisticated and dedicated to his craft. He takes a lot of pride and joy into his work and truly makes his customers feel appreciated throughout your entire experience. We'll definitely be back for our future projects. His work speaks for itself and by not hiring Arthur you're doing yourself and your company a disservice.
On behalf of our company we 100% RECOMMEND you choose his studio."

- Shaun Williams